October 8, 2014

Highlights from JCCS 10 - September 27, 2014

I had a blast presenting my 1987 Impulse RS at the show last year, and when registration time rolled around this year, I had some thinking to do. One thing that annoys me about car shows, is repetition.  It's like watching the same movie over and over.  Sure, the movie might be awesome, and you will always love it, but sooner or later you want to see a new movie.  This is how car shows can get.  For me personally, I don't want to contribute to the monotony.  Not that JCCS is monotonous; on the contrary.  It is quite exciting and always surprising.  And I think it should stay that way.  So this year, I decided to enter the 1991 Trooper.  Being a '91, I was worried it was "too new" to enter into the show, but all my research proves that the 1st generation 4dr Bighorn was released in Japan in 1985, which is the body style cutoff year for JCCS.  All cars entered have to have a body style from 1985 or older, which meant my Trooper was in and I knew it would be the only one.  I always say, "no love for Isuzu", and with a Trooper, you are certain to feel that way.  Isuzu has always been small peanuts compared to Toyota, Honda and Nissan/Datsun, but in my opinion, it's the rarity, obscurity and difference that makes Isuzus (and Suzukis, Subarus and Daihatsus) important for shows like this.

The designated "Isuzu spot" on the green was different this year. We were in direct sun the whole time, but basically in a nice, highly visible spot.
Jeff was back with his exquisite Impulse turbo.  Here's a shot of it from up on my roof rack.
The Trooper in all its underdog glory.
Jeff's Impulse is so incredibly cherry.
Presenting the Trooper was fun. I would say largely, no one gave a crap that it was there, but there were a handful of very interested parties, which made bringing it to the show worth it.
This rare FJ was among the small percentage of 4x4s at the show.  Personally, I think there needs to be more 4x4s and offroad vehicles in coming years.
And you gotta love crazy shit like this.
Now that's a tail pipe!
This selection of Mitsus was outstanding.  These cars represent a beautiful and angular time in car history.
I really like when owners add little things to their cars to personalize them, like the surfboard on the rack here.
Probably the finest 4x4 presented, aside from my Trooper, was this all original Nissan Patrol. 
And the Phantom Z made its debut.  Some intense work went into making this one-off custom.
I was very happy to be parked next to this restored Suzuki Jimny for the day.

This is one 4x4 you almost never see in the USA.  And this one was nicely fixed up and sprayed in what I think is a perfect color for an off-roader.

Also next to us in the "rare" section, was a pair of wicked cool Brats.  The owner of this one took home the Neo Classic Magazine Award, the same award my Imp' took last year. I was very happy for him, as his Brat was exceptionally cool.
Just look at those chicken tax back seats. Must have been so much fun back in the day!
Screamin' 80s style!
A couple of oranges.
This Z is as close to Linda's Z as we have seen yet.  Her's was a white, automatic 1984 with the T-tops, but this one was very close in outward appearance. 
Gotta love these funktified interiors.
I was never a CRX fan back when they were popular, but this one was impressive in black and almost brand new looking.
Nice early XS, with a similar paint job to my '81 SR500.
This is a perfect example of what I want to see more of.
Extremely nice Toyota truck...think Marty McFly.
A second Nighthawk joined the red and black one from last year. I like these bikes.
Honda mini bikes always make me chuckle.  This one was pretty cool.
I like the color of this Datsun.
Hands down, my favorite car of show, was this Celica GT. I love the rally car stance, and the black and green color combo.
The mud flaps also work well on this car.  All too often you see the same cars following the same trends. This one stood out to me as the coolest looking driver of the entire lot.
Another roof top view.
Of course, I had to do a parking lot tour.  Only one VX this year!
Interesting paint scheme.
Sleeping Z.
I just love this creamy tan color.
ビンゾ パンダ
Horizontal backwards Katakana that reads "Panda Zombie"
Another roof shot of the gorgeous day. It was warm, but pleasant, and no where near as hot as last year.
Only two Isuzus this year!
Direct sunlit white cars are tough to photograph.
And another shot of Jeff's Impulse.
Jeff's car got 1st place again!!!  Congrats, Jeff!
Hopefully next year I will return with a restored Trooper RS!

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