September 12, 2014

いすゞ Eye Candy For Sale In Japan

One thing about living in Japan that must be awesome, is the fine selection of well cared for used vehicles available over there. It seems that in Japan, a higher level of maintenance is carried out throughout the life of a vehicle.  I think this is a result of stricter road safety laws and inspection criteria, as well as the respect given to inanimate objects in general by Japanese culture. Rarely in the States do you see used vehicles of this quality, and you almost never find them in numbers.  When I win the lottery, I will take a special trip to Japan to hand pick a selection of Isuzus to bring home and store in my ultimate Isuzu garage.  Here's to dreaming with a few fine examples from a recently discovered Japanese used car website.  (special thanks to Andy (ubs_lover) for the link!

As far as I know, VehiCROSSes are even rarer in Japan than they are here.  But there are still several for sale in excellent condition.
First generation 117 Coupe.

Second generation 117 Coupe.
A very clean Gemini sedan.
A nice Bellett 1600.
Another 117, definitely no shortage of this sexy car in Japan.
A tastefully outfitted Mu.
First generation Isuzu Gemini, aka, Opel by Isuzu, very rare, and exceedingly cool.
A cherry-cherry red Piazza.
Another fine 117.
Piazza Nero.
A most excellent VehiCROSS in burnt orange, note the JDM aftermarket wing spoiler.
A little taste of home.
There's also a fine selection of used Bighorns (Troopers).
All of which appear to be diesels.
Two ready beauties.
1600 GTR Replica?
Really nice Aska.
Who could ignore a vintage Elf?
A Bellett in white is most appealing.
And a nice conversion camper van, we never got anything like this!
How much is too much dekotora?
A green and yellow Stylus!
Second generation Piazza.
This second generation Gemini seems to be in good order.
A diesel generation one Bighorn.
Check out the mods on this gen2 Bighorn!
A proper diesel Trooper, something we did not get here.
Here's a weird one. This appears to be a non-JDM Chevrolet Amigo that found it's way back to the Fatherland.
Modded headlights.
Irmscher-S Bighorn. So insanely cool.
And a very clean late model Bighorn diesel.
And saving the best for last, a 1985 Bighorn LWB.

All pics from here: where there's lots more to see!

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