August 7, 2014

I want this so bad...

Although the later 4-door models with the more powerful engines are generally more practical, this is a perfect example of what I would want in a 2-door long wheel base 1st gen. It's white, it's clean, and it's a Turbo Diesel model.  I think the price is crazy for the mileage, but still worth it because of the overall condition and classic appeal.  The price also reflects the fact that these old Troopers ARE collector cars now.


  1. I was looking at buying this truck. I'm the new chick on PlanetIsuzoo, in Chicago. I had a friend in the area take a look at it beforehand. There was some rot on the frame and rust bubbles on the body (nothing too major). In the end, I decided against it due to the price. I was on a diesel craze...Earlier in the summer I was outbid on a sweet, red diesel on Ebay. Sold for $5500 - interior and exterior were mint. Ah well.

    1. Yeah, you never know until you actually see it and inspect it yourself for rust. I would love to have a diesel myself. Maybe someday. I just have no more room for vehicles in my current situation. Glad you found one though! Now move outta Shitcago like I did so you can actually enjoy the Trooper! ;)