May 1, 2014

Confirmed: The Pearl White VX is for sale again.

Yup, it has been VIN and option plate confirmed, that this VehiCROSS is indeed the one and only "Pearl White Mica" VehiCROSS.  Supposedly, this is the last VehiCROSS to ever be built and shipped into the USA, and it is the only VehiCROSS to receive a special paint job in "Pearl White Mica" (a non-standard color for USDM VehiCROSSes).  Most likely, it has spent its entire life in Colorado, where it was originally sold and is now for sale again at Longmont Ford for $7,000 .
The vehicle appears to be in good, stock condition.
However, the cladding looks to be a bit faded and in need of some treatment.
But otherwise, this is a one of a kind VehiCROSS that will hopefully sell to someone who knows what it is.  Too bad my numbers didn't come up in last Friday's Mega Millions drawing. :( 


  1. Now it's $9,000. They must have read your blog and realized it was special.

    86 Trooper TD

    1. I doubt it, I would say more likely its from all the folks calling up. Not too many folks read my blog, unfortunately...but you never know!