April 8, 2014

Isuzu Florian "Van"

Sometimes, when I get bored, I sit around and think about what Isuzu cars I would like to own if say, I won the lottery and I could fly to Japan and bring home whatever I wanted.  On normal days, it's usually a toss-up between the Isuzu Unicab, or a black 117 exactly like this:

This is one seriously fine looking automobile.
However lately, I have been thinking more about a rare Isuzu Florian "Van".  I didn't know these existed outside of the typical four door sedan model, until I stumbled upon this photo.
I like the look of this car, with the black wheels and dual rectangular headlights.
Apparently, Florian "Vans" are pretty rare today as they did not sell well compared to the standard sedan.  Either way, in my humble opinion, the Van model is a fine looking estate car that reminds me of the old Volvo wagons.  It's quite plain, but looks as though it was built like a tank. I would imagine it moves about as fast.
Originally, Florians came with a more typically vintage looking Japanese front clip with four round headlamps, but it was later given a slight remodel that standardized the double packed rectangular lamps instead.  Normally, I prefer round headlights, but with both the 117 and the Florian, I find the rectangular lights look better.
Most of the time, a wagon only makes a car more utilitarian while the looks suffer.  Such is not the case with the Florian Van. All too often, wagons end up looking loaded, with too much junk in the trunk, but the Florian Van owned this style quite easily.  You could drive to Den Den Town and load this thing down with as many Super Dollfies, model kits and PVC figures you want, and still have room to stock up on several cases of Asahi Super Dry on the way home.

Here's another early one in black.
And here's one next to a normal Florian sedan.
This one looks nice in burgandy with turbine style wheels.
Altogether, the Florian had several different front ends during it's time between 1967-1983, but the body remained essentially the same.  Why the Florian "Van" was called a van in the first place, is a bit odd, as it's clearly a wagon and not a van at all.  Either way, you can add one of these to my dream car list.

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