April 11, 2014

Crazy clean!

Just when you think you've seen it all, something like this pops up.  The only thing keeping me at bay is the fact that this car is an automatic non-turbo car.  But in all honestly, in condition like this, who really cares?

In my opinion, there are really only 3 proper colors for cars: black, red, and white.  This car in red is sharp as a tack, and looks like it would slit your throat as it drives by.
This car is currently for sale on Craigslist here:
The seller is asking $9000, and all things considered, I do not think this is outlandish.  Especially, considering the condition.  For me, it would be worth the nine stacks, but only if it had the more desirable drive-train.
The interior looks correct in slate grey.
And it appears to be as clean as the rest.
Spotless engine bay.
And a Lotus tuned suspension.
Rear buckets also clean.
The seller claims this car has a mere 7,600 miles.  From the looks of things, this could be true.  This is also a slight red flag that would need require some additional information.  It's never good for a car to sit and sit for extended periods of time.
The wheels look brand new.
Still, this is a spectacular car in every way. If I was rich, and had more space, I would be booking a trip to the Sea-Tac airport this weekend.  I wish the seller all the luck selling it.  I really hopes he get's his asking price. This is yet another car that has come up for sale in ridiculous condition for what I think is a properly evaluated price for a modern Japanese classic.

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  1. Link no longer works. I wonder if it went to a good home.