November 5, 2013

JCCS Extras

A couple more pics from JCCS 2013.
Us driving in.
And me accepting my Neo Classic Magazine Award!!!  w00t!
See the entire JCCS gallery which was recently uploaded here:

Why do the gods torture me? AKA Has the world gone completely insane? AKA White is right?

OK, a 1st gen gasser Trooper sells for $2,800 here:

Then, a 1st gen Impulse goes up for sale for a cool $8,500 here:

And now this!!!!

Smoking crack or worth every penny? Eighty.Five.Hundred.

All I can say is, Wow!  Under 35,000 miles, original owner, no rust, and in stellar overall condition.  If this thing sells for its asking price or anywhere near it, this will be hard proof that vintage Isuzu values are on the rise!

November 1, 2013

Are 1st gen values on the rise?

Hmmm, this eBay auction looks really good to me.  With 15 bids and the current number exceeding $2,500, I am thinking 1st gen Trooper values are finally on the rise.  And this 1990 isn't even a diesel, which are typically the only 1st gens commanding prices higher than $2,000.

This one has 121,000 original miles, and looks to be 90% original. Plus, it has rad 80's era body decals.  Maybe this is the only reason it's going for so much!