May 31, 2013

Row52 Isuzus

Recently, the Pick & Pull junkyard chain partnered up with a company called Row52.  This is very advantageous for me, because it allows me to see the vehicles at the yard without having to go there.  So today, out of curiosity, I searched the entire country.  What I found, is that out east, Isuzus of any make or model from 1984-1991 are few and far between, while out west, there was much to choose from.  These photos are pretty depressing.  For car geeks who love rare vehicles, this is like driving down a long road with lots of endangered species road-killed everywhere...but alas, now I am being over dramatic. If I had some money and some time, and I wanted to take a 500 mile round trip road trip, I could come home with several round-eye 1st gen grills, Aisin hubs, and lots of other little parts.
Hmmm, Smittybuilt front bumper, ugly, but close by. Might be worth an early trip tomorrow morning.

May 9, 2013

Another Cool Vintage Advert

Turbo diesel, SWB, nice fender flares and side trim, what more can you ask for?