October 18, 2013

1986 JR130 at Pick & Pull

About a month or so ago, there was a white Impulse for sale locally on Craigslist.  I'm pretty sure I know exactly which one it was too, one that lived down the street from where I work. The other day I drove by the place just to see if it was there like it always was, and sure enough, it was gone.  I hoped someone had bought it. 

Today I found out otherwise, when I got an email from Row52 about a white 1986 Impulse that is now on the yard.  Naturally, I knew had to run over there on my lunch break and strip her down.

How sad.

The car was actually quite straight.  No major body damage or clearcoat loss.
I thought about taking the doors, but at $65 a pop, and no real need for them, I passed.
I was gonna take the hood, but it was pretty fudged.
And it has the blue interior, which is horrid and useless to me outside of little bits here and there.
On the yard 10-11-13.
As you can see, the interior was all there and in really good shape.
Even the keys were still in the car.
Too bad it wasn't the 4ZC1-T, I could have used a few bits.
Option plate.
This is what it looked like when I was done.
I had planned to take the headlight cover motor...but they wanted too much.
I did take the entire back hatch, tail lights, and some trim bits here and there.  I would have taken more, but Pick & Pull's prices are seriously out of control. Typically, I only go to Pick & Pull during their 50% off sales. But in this case, I had no choice...


  1. Nice find Bart. I see that you take the side blinker. That's the same blinker for Europe or JDM Bighorn.

    1. Ahhh, I did not know it was the same! Interesting!