January 31, 2013

New addition...1990 Isuzu Trooper LS V6 5-speed

So here's the plan...
I picked up this clean 1990 LS V6 5-speed the other day off Craigslist.  The Trooper has 208,XXX miles and aside from some very minor dents and dings, the body is in great shape.  This Trooper will be the base vehicle for my ultimate expedition rig, and it will be replacing the 91.  The 91 will be stripped down and parted.  I will be moving the lift kit and all the upgrades off the 91  over to the 90, as well as any and all parts needed for the a 3.4 crate motor swap. I will also be painting the Trooper in Volkswagen L620 Savanna Beige, with the lower half done in black Line-X.  The interior will get a full black swap, seats recovered in black, and new carpet installed.  Here are some more photos.

The interior is so clean I almost don't want to switch it to black, but I have everything and
I know it will look really good in black, and it will be like no other Trooper in the USA.
Another good 'ol 2.8.  Too bad these motors are so gutless.
The other half of the plan involves using the 91 to get straight panels to restore the RS.  The RS has a lot of body damage that needs repairing, and having a straight set of panels to weld in place is going to be the easiest route.  The plan for the RS is a full restore, involving the body work and a respray in satin black. I also plan to do the lower rockers in Line-X, add a custom offroad bumper, and a 1.5" lift to give it a better stance.  

The goal is to have all vehicles completed by the end of 2013.  Stay tuned here for build progress.

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  1. i have a trooper like this for sale in the Reno area, please email me if interested. @ kass_luver@yahoo.com