June 16, 2012

Happy Times at Pick-n-Pull

Every month I check the vehicle inventory at my two local Pick-n-Pull junkyards. When I see that they have several Isuzu vehicles in stock, I always try to find the time to stop buy and see if there is anything worth salvaging.  I also try to time it so I am hitting them when they have their sales.  This weekend they were giving 30% off for Father's Day on loads of $80 or more.  Good for me, because I got about $275 off 3 separate loads between both the Carson City and Reno yards.  First up, was Carson city.  I managed to find a few under the hood bits I needed for the RS, plus a nice set of Aisin manual locking hubs for $54 out the door.

June 14, 2012

Sweet 1991 V6 Trooper Spotted!

I just met Ben at the local autoparts store here. Check out his sweet '91 sporting uber rare 1st gen Trooper aftermarket fender flares and a nice grill gaurd!  Good to meet you, Ben!

June 7, 2012

Pipe Dream

Recently, I acquired a really nice vintage Isuzu Bighorn Irmscher catalog from Japan.  It is now my goal, to find another Trooper so I can build a replica Irmscher Bighorn. I would prefer to use a nice condition, rust free 89 Trooper RS for this project, but if I have to do a 4 door, that will work too. Yes, this is just a pipe dream at the moment, but once I am done with my current projects, this will be next on my plate.

Absolutely gorgeous.