September 21, 2011

In search of a nipple fitting...8-94419-899-0

What you see here is the coolant drain back nipple that runs from the bottom of the 4ZC1-T engine block to the turbo. As you can also see, time has had its way with this fitting, and I am searching for a replacment.  I placed an order for one via my usual Isuzu source, and it has been on back order for months. The thread pitch is very strange.  I think it is M.14 but both course and fine threads do not fit right. The search continues.

September 15, 2011

Impulse Refresh - Stage 3

OK, here are some more pics from the tear down of my 87 Impulse.

Turbo removed.

Cool Nostalgic Isuzu Garage Clock

Some guy on Etsy makes these. I kinda want it for my garage.

Weird VX Pic I Ran Across

Here's a weird VX pic I ran across while looking at another totally
non-Isuzu blog.

September 9, 2011

Mom's 96

Went to Florida for a wedding and got to take a ride in my mom's old 96 Trooper.  Its tired, the clear coat is peeling, but she is still rolling at 172,000 miles. I used to drive this Trooper around a lot when I still lived in Florida in the 90s.