August 12, 2011

A rare look at the Isuzu Unicab

Its not even a dream- no, that would mean that it is attainable.  Its more of a fantasy: the Isuzu Unicab. Never sold in the US, and rare as hen's teeth everywhere else, this VW Thing-like answer to the Willys Jeep is Isuzu's militarische little buggy that was sold in the late 1960s/early 1970s (in Japan and I think only a few other Asian countries). These images were gathered by me from various sources on the Internet.

I just love the fold down windscreen. This would be a really fun desert trail vehicle.
If anyone has better, hi-res scans of this brochure, please email me.
Here is an oddball image found via a Google image search.
Looks to be a restored Unicab, probably in Japan.
This Unicab was for sale on an Indonesian car site. A very nice example of a surviving Unicab. It looks to possibly have a small lift and bigger tires.
Here are some press photos of the Unicab.


  1. Whoa... Nice find Bart. I've search from the net, but not as much as you.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Andy! You're the 1st!! ;)

  3. i have thats unicab too
    can i up load here

  4. Hi Karebet, Please post a link to pictures of your Unicab! I will make a post with them in your honor! :)